Getting your web site up and running is fast and easy...

  1. Register your name.  If you have not already done so, we decide on a name for your web site.  This is called your URL (Universal Resource Locator) and it tells other computers where to find your site.  As an example, my URL is  Once you decide how you would like to be known on the Internet, I can do a search for you to find the closest match available.  Then I register your URL and set aside space on our server for your site. 
  2. Hosting  We set up a hosting account that fits your needs.  Web sites are stored on computers called servers that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  With your web site stored on a server, anyone can access your site, at anytime.  Hosting companies 'rent' you space on their server with different services and applications available to your site, for a certain amount per month.  The amount of space you need, the anticipated traffic through your site, the services you require on the server and the number of email address you require all determine the cost per month.
  3. Site Design  Through conversations with you, I determine what kind of information you would like presented, what kind of message your want to convey and what special "bells & whistles" you might like included and of course, how large a site you might need.  Then we determine the colours, logos, graphics etc., for your site and I start designing.  I post your site for previewing during the design stage, so that you have access to it, without it being "live" on the Internet until it is ready.  Your input is a valuable part of this process and I encourage you to give me feedback at every stage of development.
  4. Search Engine Optimization and Submission  Included in the cost of designing your site, I optimize it for the search engines and submit your site, once live, to 60 popular search engines including Google, Sympatico, Infoseek and Yahoo for indexing.  This is how other computers can find your site if the user types your name into a search window.
  5. Maintenance  Once your site is up and running, ThoroughWeb Design offers maintenance to help you keep your site interesting and give your visitors reasons to keep coming back.  Any changes you have, information you want added etc., can be published quickly and easily in a timely fashion.